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Welcome to SOS Sahel UK

We are a development charity that works with herders and farmers in Africa's drylands (the Sahel region).

We want to see the people of the Sahel influence the decisions that affect their lives and have control over the natural and economic resources they need for a secure and fulfilling life. For over thirty years, SOS Sahel UK has been dedicated to relieving the poverty of marginalised groups who live in the drylands of the Sahel, the belt of semi-arid land south of the sahara. We support our African partner organisations to work with pastoralists, agro-pastoralists and small-holder farmers to help them protect their local environment and at the same time improve their livelihoods. We support communities to effectively manage their local forests, water points, rangelands and farmlands, for a sustainable and peaceful future.

Our Approach

We are currently working in Sudan, South Sudan and Ethiopia. All projects are designed and implemented by our national NGO partners based in-county. We respond to the needs and requests of our partners, offering support, advice and capacity building when needed. All projects involve SOS Sahel staff who are local to the area; projects are designed with and for the communities they support. Right from the initial planning stage onwards, local people, community groups and policy makers are involved in activities to ensure long-lasting impacts beyond the life of the project.

We work in the following project areas:

  • Promoting sustainable natural resource management
  • Promoting diversified livelihoods
  • Strengthening food security
  • Developing the capacity of local organisations
  • Developing pastoralism


The Road to Peace, Sudan

SOS Sahel UK has worked with herders (pastoralists) and farmers in Kordofan for nearly twenty years; helping them share access to and regenerate the natural resources (trees, land and water) that they depend upon for survival.

In North Kordofan state alone, 90% of the 1.5 million population are either farmers or pastoralists. Competition over dwindling resources is triggering conflict, especially along seasonal cattle and camel routes. In this short clip, see how we are improving water supplies along livestock routes; benefiting both pastoralists and farmers and building a lasting foundation for peace.

(Video courtesy of the UNDP in Sudan & the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands)


Read about our conflict prevention work in Sudan.

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A brighter and safer future is possible for Africa's dryland people.

Where your money goes...

We endeavor to keep our costs in the UK as low as possible. With just three staff members based in the UK and a small shared office space, this means that more of your money is spent on charitable activities.

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