Mission. SOS Sahel UK's mission is to seek long-term, sustainable solutions to the poverty experienced by millions of people across the dry lands of the Sahel region of Africa.
SOS Sahel UK believes that Sahelian poverty has its roots in the historical neglect of dryland areas, and particularly in discrimination against pastoralists (livestock herders) and nomadic groups.We argue that herding animals over rangeland is one of the most viable and productive use of drylands, which should be supported and encouraged. With natural resources becoming increasingly variable due to climate change, the case for supporting such an adaptive and ecologically sound livelihood system is overwhelming.

We want to see the people of the Sahel influence the policy decisions that affect them and have control over the natural and economic resources they need for a secure and fulfilling life.

Our work focuses on five main areas

  • Promoting sustainable natural resource management
  • Promoting diversified livelihoods
  • Strengtheing food security
  • Developing the capacity of local organisations
  • Developing pastoralism

As a small, specialist organisation, SOS Sahel UK's main strengths are its flexibility and willingness to innovate and its firm belief in the capacity of dryland farmers and pastoralists to manage their environment with wisdom and skill.

We are a small organisation; light on our feet in the UK in order to have a larger impact in Africa. We choose to work with international and African organisations and associates whose priorities match our own.


SOS Sahel is familiar to everyone. They are looking towards the grassroots. Because of this they have access and people's acceptance. Dr Haroun El Tayeb, head of the Gawama Tribe, Sudan.

''We want to see the people of the Sahel influence the decisions that affect them...''

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