How we use donations


A flexible fund

Your donation will be used wherever there is the greatest need. This allows us to respond flexibly and effectively to our new and existing programmes.

Running costs in our small UK office (3 staff) and Africa are kept to a minimum to ensure your donation goes even further. In 2010-11, 95% of our income was spent on charitable activities, with only 5% used in governance and fundraising.

Sudan fund

If you have a special interest in our activities in Sudan, we can allocate your donation to our Sudan Fund. This pot of money is used to expand and develop our programmes there, particularly around environmental management, protection of marginalised people's rights and conflict prevention. Find out more about our work in Sudan.

South Sudan Fund

We can also allocate your donation to our work in South Sudan, in order to help this new organisation to get onto its feet and expand its projects in this newly formed country. Find out more about our work in South Sudan.

We regret we cannot allocate individual donations to our African partners in Mali, Niger, Ethiopia and Kenya. This is due to the high costs of transferring and accounting for smaller amounts of money, which would considerably reduce your donation. We hope you will agree that your gift can be more effectively used elsewhere.


SOS Sahel UK tackles the root causes of poverty and marginalisation. This often requires patience and a long-term view. There are clear benefits to helping people to achieve self-reliance and influence the policies that discriminate against them, as Ibrahim-Nur and Um-Eissa's words bear testament (see right).

Our long-term approach combined with low overheads mean that your donation makes a real difference to poor people's lives both now and in the future.

If you have any questions or would like to know more about any of our programmes, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Contact us.

Diversifying to reduce risk ''The project helped me and my family to think of other livelihood opportunities which have changed my life more than I ever thought. Now we plan to start working on horticulture, poultry and apiculture while conserving the forest resources that can bring even more income in the long run.'' Ibrahim-Nur, father of ten in Borana, southern Ethiopia. Encouraging collective action ''Before SOS Sahel UK came and worked here we knew nothing. But now we know a lot of things such as what we want to do in the future. We are decision makers and we are organised''. Um-Eissa, member of the Arba’at Development Association, Sudan.
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