Kenya, East Africa

SOS Sahel UK worked in Kenya from 1997 to 2009.  We initially focused on dryland farming technologies and agro-forestry and later worked specifically with pastoralist institutions to help them address their marginalisation and directly influence the policies that govern them. 

Our final work in Northern Kenya, under the Nomadic Education Programme, supported pastoralists in Turkana, Wajir, Marsabit & Isiolo Districts, as well as Kajiado District in the south.  A long history of uneven development in Kenya, with investment concentrated in the so-called ‘high potential' areas, has left pastoralist Northern Kenya with some of the lowest development indicators in the country.

The new Ministry for Development of Northern Kenya & Other Arid Lands was created by the Coalition Government in Kenya in April 2008 and is a landmark in the government's efforts to tackle inequality. In the words of the Head of State, the purpose of the Ministry is to address the 'unique challenges' facing these dry regions. Upon request from the Hon. Mohamed Elmi, the new Minister, SOS Sahel UK seconded Izzy Birch as Advisor to the Minister from June 2008. We also worked with the Government of Kenya to support the education sector, in particular access to appropriate education for nomadic pastoralists.

Our former programmes in Kenya:

Kenya ''SOS Sahel UK is now in a position where it is helping shape the long-term development direction of Kenya's pastoral areas.  It is an excellent example of how a relatively modest initial grant has been used to leverage significant influence.'' The Hon. Mohamed Elmi, Minister for Northern Kenya & other Arid Lands, Sep. ‘08 UN Human Development Index
Ranking: 143 out of 187
Life Expectancy: 57.1 yrs (2011)
People without access to improved water: 41% (2008)
Adult literacy rate: 87% (2009)
(over 15; hides regional disparities)
School enrolment: 66.7% (2009)
(estimate: primary, secondary & tertiary)
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