What we do...

SOS Sahel UK recognises the capacity of dryland farmers and pastoralists to manage their environment with wisdom and skill and our work is designed to address the exclusion and marginalisation that they experience. Our approach is to work alongside both farmers and pastoralists; bringing them into dialogue and supporting them to sustainably and equitably manage the natural resources that each group depends upon. 

Within farming and herding societies, women and youths suffer a double marginalisation as they are traditionally excluded from formal decision-making fora. This means that they are less able to contribute to solutions within their communities and in a context of insecurity, inequalities such as these can worsen conflict. SOS Sahel specifically targets women and youths within rural areas to help overcome this challenge.

Youth Inclusion Women's Empowerment
Pastoral Livelihoods Rural Food Security
Pastoralist girl in Kordofan
Pastoralist Musa El Daw

Did you know?Nomadic pastoralists (about 200 million people worldwide according to the UN) are falling far behind other national population groups in their level of education, health and economic and political participation. Unless this trend is reversed, up to 20 African countries with significant nomadic populations will suffer. National economic development will be slowed, rural economies will weaken and political unrest will grow.

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