Current implementing partners

All our work is now directly implemented through African-based national NGO partners.


An Ethiopia NGO dedicated to improving the living standards of smallholder farmers and marginalized pastoralists through better management of their environment and improved access to fair and sustainable agricultural markets.



An experienced Sudanese NGO with a vision of peace and prosperity for all in Sudan. Its mission is to support women, men and children in Sudan to realise their rights, potentials, and secured livelihoods.



A national NGO who works to develop peaceful access to natural resources across the country through enhanced co-existence amongst the resource users (such as farmers and pastoralists) to decrease tension that can lead to conflict.


A Sudanese NGO that exists to help the people of Sudan in general, and those of Darfur in particular, to escape their current marginalization and suffering; to reduce  unbearable levels of poverty; and manage their natural resources for their best interests.



Indigenous African Institutions

SOS Sahel

Our work would not be possible without the collaboration of indiciduals and traditional African institutions. These include pastoralist unions, farmer unions, y outh associations, women's groups, the native administration in Sudan, buriel committees and various oither village committees.


Strategic partners


SOS Sahel UK works with the Feinstein International Centre of Tufts University, which works to strengthen the lives and livelihoods of people living in crisis-affected and marginalised communities.


 SOS Sahel UK has long-established links with IIED, an independent international research organisation.  From November 2009 to September 2010, our Kenya programme was managed under the aegis of IIED; it then moved to the jurisdiction of the Ministry for Northern Kenya and Other Arid Lands.



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