Leyla’s Story

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“I was born and grew up in this village. I am married with five children: two boys and three girls. My life depends on agriculture, but the land that I have is less than 0.25 hectares in size. I have some income from selling vegetables like cabbage, onions, tomatoes and false banana (enset). My husband is a daily worker. He gets some income from group work in the fields but I would say that our standard of living is generally low.
I was selected as a SOS Sahel beneficiary by my community and was given six three-month old chickens. Before I received the chickens, I went on a training course to learn about poultry management and care at the woreda (district) office. I didn’t know anything about poultry management before the project. But now I have learned a lot about it, for example how to feed the chickens and which plants to give them.
I received six chickens in total from SOS Sahel: three cockerels and three hens. They gave me my first asset. I didn’t have any assets before, no chickens, no goats, no sheep. But now I have hope that I will be able to make some income out of my chickens by selling the eggs. My future dream is to improve our standard of living and to have enough food for my family. I would like to breed chickens so as to have more eggs to sell.”