What we do...

SOS Sahel UK is working to overcome gender inequality among nomadic communities in dryland Africa, and in Sudan in particular. It is achieving this by supporting female education, building the capacity of women's groups and training women to play positive roles in their societies through income generation, conflict mediation and involvement in their community's decision making.


In the Arba'at delta, eastern Sudan, we are providing marginalised Beja women with the skills and confidence to manage their own activities. We achieve this by:

  • Building the capacity of the women's organisations through training on topics such as bookkeeping, revolving loan fund management and project cycle management.
  • Educating and raising awareness via literacy classes and the training of teachers in Participatory Learning in Action (PLA) to link education with development.
  • Increasing women's income by supplying home gardens with forest and horticulture seedlings, providing agricultural extension training and technical support and sewing machines for handicrafts.
  • Improving the health and nutrition of families through information sessions on nutrition, childcare and HIV/Aids prevention at Women's Development Centres.

In Kordofan, central Sudan, we are involving women and youths in peace building and mediation:

  • Training women (and youths) separately in conflict management and resolution skills to enable them to participate effectively in Peace Councils and on conflict resolution committees. In our experience, trained local mediators help conflicts to be resolved in a peaceful and timely way without recourse to formal courts or the use of firearms.
  • Changing attitudes & promoting a culture of peace by working with traditional singers and poets; broadcasting their messages of peace through local TV and Radio and expanding into drama and informal education programmes that provide information on cattle route boundaries and community rights.


We have undertaken extensive consultations with nomadic women and youths in their encampments along livestock routes in South Kordofan. These meetings have helped us to help us understand the existing mechanisms and motivations for women in conflict or peace and also identify key individuals to partake in conflict-resolving Peace Committees.

Helping women to increase their skills, income & status.

Mariam Sultan Partners
  • Local Arba'at Development Association, Khor Arba'at
  • Local Women & Youth Groups in Kordofan
  • Native Administration
  • Ministry for Health, Sudan
  • Ministry for Education, Sudan
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