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Why have you made the decision to close?

In a nutshell, we are in a position where our partners – SOS Sahel Sudan and SOS Sahel Ethiopia – can survive without us. Our decision to close allowed us to give our remaining financial reserves to our partners, to give them the best chance in the future. They are now ready to thrive without our support, leading in their own development agendas for their people. This is something to celebrate. 

You can read more about this decision in our final Newsletter.

What happened to donations made before closure?

We will continue our work up until the point of closure. All our remaining funds after closure will go to our partners SOS Sahel Sudan and SOS Sahel Ethiopia. Therefore, we want to assure you that your donations will not go to waste – they will be used as best they can to support vulnerable populations in Sudan and Ethiopia.

Any donations that we received after the office shut down but before our bank account closed (i.e. standing orders that were not cancelled in time) will have been transferred to our partners along with the rest of our remaining funds.

What if I have left a legacy in my will for SOS Sahel UK?

We know that some of you may be concerned about this. First, we are so touched that so many of you have made the decision to leave SOS Sahel UK a gift in your will. It really is a reflection of the generosity that we have felt since our establishment. The dedication and loyalty to the SOS Sahel cause are truly amazing.

If you have left us a gift in your Will, then you have three options:

Do nothing, and either your legacy to SOS Sahel UK will lapse, or, if your will so permits, your executors may be able to choose a similar charity at their discretion;

Amend your will to specify an alternative charity that closely reflects your wishes by creating a codicil (a legal document which makes an alteration to an existing will); or

Write a Letter of Wishes to accompany your will, which specifies an alternative charity.

The third option is the simplest way to ensure your wishes are reflected properly, without needing to amend your will. A Letter of Wishes is a document that accompanies your will. Although, it is not legally binding, such a letter can guide your executors to ensure your personal wishes are carried out.

If you would like some more information on the above, we advise you to seek independent legal advice.

What about the people that SOS Sahel was helping? What will happen to them?

Before the time of closure, all projects managed by SOS Sahel UK had naturally come to their end. Our partners had been implementing projects without the direct involvement of SOS Sahel UK for many years, and hopefully will continue to do so for many more. Towards the end of SOS Sahel UK’s life, our focus was on building the institutional strength of our partners, so that they were in a better position to implement successful projects and drive change in their countries. Our goal was achieved, and we handed over the baton to our partners – who will continue to support vulnerable people in Sudan and Ethiopia.