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We work with independent national organisations as we believe that locally generated knowledge and solutions are key to solving local development challenges. Our partners are skilled, committed, local organisations that share our values and are rooted in our history. We support them to be strong, effective, sustainable & inclusive organisations that deliver effective programmes that target vulnerable communities and improve lives.

Africa map highlighting Sudan

SOS Sahel Sudan is an experienced Sudanese NGO with a vision of peace and prosperity for all in Sudan. Its mission is to support Sudanese women, men and children to realise their potential and their rights, and help them to sustain secure livelihoods.

Africa map highlighting South Sudan

SOS Sahel South Sudan is a national NGO which works to develop peaceful access to natural resources across the country through enhanced co-existence amongst resource users (such as farmers and pastoralists) to decrease tension that can lead to conflict.

Africa map highlighting Ethiopia

SOS Sahel Ethiopia is an experienced Ethiopian NGO dedicated to improving the living standards of small-holder farmers and marginalised pastoralists through better management of their environment and improved access to fair and sustainable agricultural markets.