Abobetch’s Story

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Abobetch Isla is the group leader of a central nursery in Anlemo, consisting of 12 members (eight women and four men). The nursery was established early on in the project, as a means to organise landless and poor community members, and make use of idle land. During its first year, this central nursery was supported by the project; each member received training and daily wages to propagate forage and tree seedlings for the project’s rehabilitation of degraded communal land and for private sale. Towards the end of the project, in order to plan for the future, weprovided training and support on grafting seedlings and nursery management as well as seeds and seedlings to start out as a small enterprise. The project also supported them to become a cooperative, with the assistance of government experts, and to create a business plan for the future.


“We have been trained in grafting technology, which we will continue with ourselves. This allows us to get better income. We are now an organised group, working and teaching local people the skills we have learned.”