Bekele’s Story

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Bekele Deda is a farmer from Angacha district with a wife and three children. He is one in 64 beneficiary farmers in Angacha who have received assistance to set up a private nursery under the Sustainable Environmental Rehabilitation Project. In Bekele’s nursery he grows agro-forestry and fruit seedlings to generate income. The project provided Bekele with training on grafting technology and materials such as plastic pots, polythene tubes, watering cans and seeds.

“I used to grow animal fodder for a small amount of income. We were very poor. After training and support I now earn much more. I receive income from selling seedlings and desho grass. The desho grass can be cut and sold as animal feed or sold for replanting. We have used the additional income to pay for school fees and to buy a cow. We have also improved our farm by planting more cabbage and coffee seeds.”