Raising Funds For South Sudan

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We are raising funds for our partner SOS Sahel South Sudan to help them support vulnerable female farmers in Rural Terekeka State. Please support us by donating today!

Improving livelihoods for women in rural South Sudan

A group of 100 female farmers in Terekeka State in South Sudan are at an impasse. They have been lucky enough to receive support in the past that has helped them to clear land for their farms, and to dig an irrigation well with a solar system. However, they are now at the mercy of hungry goats, grazing on their farm and eating (or trampling on!) their produce. They have so far been using branches to keep the animals out, with no success.

SOS Sahel South Sudan are planning to build a fence around these women’s farms. This small project will have a big impact to their livelihoods. They will protect their land from grazing animals, and have more to feed their families and sell at market, raising their incomes and well-being. The project will also provide some training on improving farming practices and agricultural techniques—including preparing the land and pest management. It will raise awareness on the value of trees and other natural resources, and reduce tree felling in the local area.

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New beginning for SOS Sahel South Sudan

We are raising money for this project on behalf of our partner SOS Sahel South Sudan. It is in a difficult context that we are launching this project. Almost five years into a civil war that has devastated the country, SOS Sahel South Sudan no longer have any active projects, or indeed an office. The Executive Director, Ajak Deng, is working on a voluntary basis with the hope that local development NGOs like SOS Sahel South Sudan will find a space in which they can facilitate South Sudanese people to not just survive in their country, but to thrive.

The project will not only benefit vulnerable female farmers in rural Terekeka, but it will also represent a new beginning for the organisation, helping them to find their feet and work within a volatile environment to help fuel the hope and resilience that communities in South Sudan have shown in abundance.

SOS Sahel UK’s role in this project will be not just to raise funds, but to also support SOS Sahel South Sudan to ensure that this project is a success—through help with financial management, staff recruitment, reporting requirements and monitoring and evaluation.

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Please support us today. The economic situation in South Sudan is troubling to say the least—with soaring costs and inflation making even the smallest projects costly. However, we have tried to keep costs as low as possible to provide an attainable project that is value for money in a difficult context. We hope you decide to contribute to this project today.