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SOS Sahel South Sudan is our newest partner, in the world’s newest country. It works with local communities to foster peaceful coexistence. Read their strategy for more information.


SOS Sahel South Sudan was born in 2011, just as the country gained independence from Sudan after years of civil war. In the midst of opportunities and challenges that followed, SOS Sahel South Sudan has worked with farmers and pastoralists as well as traditional community leaders, local government departments, women and youth, to reduce resource-based conflict through better management of natural resources, and by strengthening livelihoods and civil society.

South Sudan, a country that was at war for over half a century before separating from Sudan, is now once again in the midst of civil war. Since December 2013, a major conflict has devastated the country and worsened ethnic tensions. The humanitarian need in South Sudan is overwhelming; hunger, displacement and disease is widespread. In this context, opportunities for small, local organisations that do not specialise in humanitarian assistance, like SOS Sahel South Sudan, have reduced.


Peaceful access for resource users in South Sudan

SOS Sahel South Sudan has worked with many groups to encourage peaceful co-existence and fairly shared and sustainably managed natural resources. It creates platforms for experience sharing and facilitates conflict analysis, conflict management, and conflict sensitivity and mediation techniques among community members. By establishing peace forums, conferences and training, SOS Sahel South Sudan get local communities talking to each other about ways to avoid conflicts and share scarce natural resources.