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SOS Sahel Sudan is an experienced NGO supporting some of the most vulnerable communities in Sudan. See for more information, or read their strategy.

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Sudan is the third largest country in Africa and is home to approximately 40 million people – the majority of whom are farmers, pastoralists (nomadic herders) or agro-pastoralists who depend on farmland and rangeland for their livelihoods. It is a highly sensitive and complex country to work in and faces numerous development challenges. Climate change has worsened the process of soil erosion, recurrent drought and desertification, putting traditional ways of life under increasing pressure. A long history of civil wars and ongoing conflicts have worsened the insecurity and vulnerability of the population and caused massive loss of life and displacement.

SOS Sahel Sudan has been active in Sudan since 1985, originally as SOS Sahel UK’s country programme but since 2010 as an independent Sudanese NGO.  SOS Sahel Sudan staff, who are all Sundanese nationals, have a deep understanding of the context of Sudan and have built mutual trust with local and rural people. SOS Sahel Sudan works to tackle poverty, with a proven track record in the fields of natural resource management, capacity building of civil society, women’s empowerment, local conflict reduction, livelihoods and food security. SOS Sahel Sudan has developed a depth of local knowledge and relationships with local communities & government, which is integral to its work.


Supporting Fishermen And Farmers In Red Sea State, Sudan

Project name: Agricultural and Fishery production by smallholders 
Location: Gunub & Awlieb, and Suakin localities, Red Sea State, Sudan
Time frame: 1st December 2013 – 28th February 2018
SOS Sahel UK (lead), SOS Sahel Sudan (implementing)
Donor: European Commission

This project supports farmers and fishermen in rural areas of the Red Sea State to improve their livelihoods for the long-term. The project provides technical packages to farmers and fishermen; these packages improve knowledge and techniques whilst at the same time increasing the availability of new technology. Selected farmers and fisherfolk undertake training (often ‘training by doing’) on improved techniques and are linked to local private sector suppliers who provide improved equipment (e.g. tools, seeds, GPS devices) at a subsidised price. The project improves productivity and income for the farmers and fishermen, improves the local food security in the area, whilst simultaneously supporting the local private sector in the Red Sea State.

Improving water security in rural Sudan

Project name: Sand Dam Programme
Location: South Kordofan State & North Darfur State, Sudan
Time frame: Annually since 2010
SOS Sahel UK, SOS Sahel Sudan (implementing)
Donor: Guernsey Overseas Aid, UK trusts and foundations, individual givers

SOS Sahel has been working to increase access to water in remote areas in Sudan since 1985, historically by building hafirs (water reservoirs) in rural villages with limited water sources. However, since 2010, SOS Sahel have been building sand dams to combat water insecurity—a technology transferred from Kenya and the first of its kind in Sudan. Sand dams have proved to be relatively low cost to build and have been providing a reliable source of water year round. With support from SOS Sahel UK, SOS Sahel Sudan have successfully built a series of sand dams across rural villages in South Kordofan State and North Darfur State, benefiting thousands of rural dwellers.

Case studies


Abdul’s story

Abdul Rahman Mohammed Manuuk is a fisherman in Suakin locality, Red Sea State.

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Eltamraya Village

Sand dams have been helping thousands of people in Eltamraya Village, South Kordofan State.

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Marshal Papworth Fund

We are partnering with Marshal Papworth, who give scholarships for agricultural students.

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