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Suakin locality in the Red Sea State of Sudan is home to approximately 82,000 people and is a significant port for the fishing industry. Poverty and food security are high, with much of the population malnourished and living below the poverty line, dependent on food aid. The Agricultural and Fishery Production by Smallholders project worked with fishermen in Suakin to improve their livelihoods by increasing the amount and quality of their catch, thereby reducing food insecurity and poverty in the area. The project linked fishermen with local suppliers of inputs (such as ice boxes, fishing gears and GPS systems), and provided training on best practices. Fishermen have improved technology and knowledge and so can catch more fish of better quality, increasing their income and Suakins’ food security.

Abdul Rahman Mohammed Mabrook is a fisherman in Suakin locality, Red Sea State, Sudan. He is married and has three children; he has been practising fishing for over ten years, taking up the trade from his father and grandfather before him. Three years into the project, Abdul Rahman told us:



“I had two boats www.healthsupportyou.com/accutane-isotretinoin/ before but I was considering selling them as I couldn’t afford to maintain them. With the help of SOS Sahel I have improved both boats and I now rent a third. I have been able to buy engines, ice boxes and fishing gears thanks to the project, and I plan to buy a GPS system in the future. This will improve my catch even more, as I will be able to find good fishing ground, even at night… With my improved income I have been able to build a new home for myself and my family.”


Two years later, when the below photo was taken, Abdul Rahman told us he owns four boats and has bought a tuk-tuk. The contribution he made towards new technologies paid off; inputs such as GPS and Fish Finders helped him to improve his catch by an incredible amount, and along with ice boxes and training on on-board and off-board handling, he has improved the quality of catch to the market and increased his income more than significantly.