The SOS Story

The SOS Sahel UK Story by Margie Buchanan-Smith (November 2021)
Published by the Overseas Development Institute (ODI) Humanitarian Practice Network (HPN)

More information and alternative versions including English, French and Arabic (April 2022)

ODI Event: SOS Sahel’s localisation journey

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Annual Reviews

Read a summary of our annual accounts and annual highlights from our projects:

2017-18 SOS Sahel UK Annual review

2016-17 SOS Sahel UK Annual review

2015-16 SOS Sahel UK Annual review

Project Learning Documents

It is important to document achievements, learning and approaches in order to improve and adapt. Here are some of our recent project learning documents:

Lessons from the Agricultural & Fishery Production by Smallholders Project, Red Sea State, Sudan

Key Achievements of the Voucher System from the Agricultural & Fishery Production Project, Red Sea State, Sudan 

SOS Sudan Approach to Revolving Funds

Market Monitoring in Darfur Publications

Publications from a market monitoring and trade analysis project in Darfur. SOS Sahel UK supported this project from 2010 to 2016, with our partner the Darfur Development and Reconstruction Agency.

Guide for practitioners – May 2017

Cereal Trade Study in Darfur – 2014

Vegetable Trade Study Report – 2014

Cash Crop Trade Study in Darfur – 2013

Greater Darfur Publications
North Darfur Publications
West Darfur Publications
Central Darfur Publications
South Darfur Publications
East Darfur Publications

SOS Sahel UK Publications

Some of the documents published by us in the past – please email us if you are looking for anything specific that you cannot find here!

Gender & Pastoralism Vol. 1: Rangeland & Resource Management in Ethiopia  – Andrew Ridgewell, Getachew Mamo & Fiona Flintan, 2007, SOS Sahel Ethiopia

Gender & Pastoralism Vol. 2: Livelihoods & Income Development in Ethiopia – Andrew Ridgewell & Fiona Flintan, 2007, SOS Sahel Ethiopia

Modern and Mobile: The future of livestock production in Africa’s drylands – SOS Sahel UK & IIED, Editor Helen de Jode, 2009

Planning with Uncertainty: using Scenario Planning with African Pastoralists – SOS Sahel UK & IIED, 2009

Securing the commons series

What are the commons, how should they be managed, and by whom? Papers on how to manage common property resources across the Sahel [SOS Sahel UK & IIED: 2000-2003]

  1. Who’s Managing the Commons? Inclusive management for a sustainable future 
  2.  Hannu Biyu Ke Tchuda Juna – Strength in Unity. Shared Management of Common Property Resources: a case study from Takiéta, Niger
  3. From Conflict to Consensus. Towards joint management of natural resources by pastoralists and agro-pastoralists in the zone of Kishi Beiga, Burkina Faso
  4. Traditional Institutions, multiple stakeholders & modern perspectives in common property. Accompanying change within Borana pastoral systems
  5. Towards a local peace. SOS Sahel’s experience of conflict transformation between pastoralists and farmers at El Ain, North Kordofan State, Sudan
  6. Local networks as a tool for influencing policy. Experiences of the GDRN5 Network in Mali
  7. Social inclusion: a prerequisite for equitable and sustainable natural resource management. Two experiences in Mali