Time to say goodbye

We have some big news. After 36 years, SOS Sahel International UK is closing its doors.

This closure represents the completion of our goal: for decades SOS Sahel UK have been driving the localisation agenda – building up strong country programmes and helping them to transform into independent entities that lead their own development agenda. In recent years we have been working with SOS Sahel Sudan and SOS Sahel Ethiopia, which are now experienced, effective and sustainable organisations that have the resilience to face daily challenges. They are strong and robust, even in the face of conflict, political instability and climate change. We have successfully passed on the baton to our partners, who are independent www.trendingdownward.com/gabapentin-neurontin-online/ African organisations ready to lead their own development agendas for their people.

Our partners can now survive without us, and we believe that closing now, and giving our remaining financial reserves to our partners, will give them the best chance in the future. They are now ready to thrive without our support, which is something to celebrate.

Read more about this decision, and about the life of SOS Sahel International UK, in our latest newsletter.
The office will close on 28th February 2020, so please get in touch with us before then if you have any questions.